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Hematologic Cancers

Beth Faiman expresses her main concerns regarding new treatments being studied to treat multiple myeloma.
Beth Faiman discusses why it's important to communicate with and educate patients so that they can better manage their symptoms before they become more severe.
Beth Faiman explains how she identfies side effects that her patients are experiencing in order to open the lines of communication to better address other issues the patient may not be aware of.
Patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma have different needs than pateints relapsed/refractory disease, and Beth Faiman addresses what some of these needs are.
Beth Faiman gets questions from her patients about daratumumab on an almost daily basis. Find out what their most asked questions are.
Beth Faiman reviews the steps she takes upon introducing patients to daratumumab.
Beth Faiman sees daratumumab as a game changer for patients with multiple myeloma.
Beth Faiman reflects on the considerations involved with managing patients who have experienced multiple myeloma relapses.
The US Food and Drug Administration has approved nivolumab (Opdivo) for patients with classical Hodgkin Lymphoma that has progressed or relapsed following autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and post-transplant brentuximab vedotin, according to an announcement by the agency. Notably, the intravenous drug was granted accelerated approval, and Breakthrough Therapy Designation.
Atheer Kaddis, SVP Sales/Business Development of Diplomat Specialty Pharmacy, describes in his opinion how specialty pharmacy can assist patients with polycythemia vera
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