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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has broadened access to Medicare telehealth services so that beneficiaries can receive a wider range of services from their physicians without having to travel to a healthcare facility. Clinicians can bill immediately for services starting March 6, 2020.
The Lynx Group, a global strategic alliance of medical communications and education companies, is pleased to announce that its Journal of Hematology Oncology Pharmacy™ (JHOP) has been named the official publication of the Hematology/Oncology Pharmacy Association (HOPA).
Medically integrated dispensing models enhance oral oncology drug education and improve compliance and patient monitoring.
New model aims to ease transition from fee-for-service to value-based cancer care delivery using an oncology medical home framework and performance-based reimbursement that includes monthly care management payments.
Incident cases of ovarian cancer differed little between ever users and never users of powder with no dose-response relationship.
Steroids plus exercise could be the best combination for treating fatigue in patients with advanced cancer, according to data presented at the 2019 Supportive Care in Oncology Symposium. In a phase 2 clinical trial, short-course dexamethasone plus standardized aerobic and resistance exercise resulted in sustained and robust reductions in cancer-related fatigue for up to 3 weeks after discontinuation of steroids.
“This is truly a practice-changing study, not just for our patients but for the design of other studies. We can successfully identify candidates for olaparib. We saw a clinically meaningful improvement in outcomes for patients with HRR genetic alterations, driven mainly by BRCA2,” said Eleni Efstathiou, MD, PhD.
“This is exciting data from one of the first studies to be presented that evaluates ceritinib in patients with active brain metastases. Ceritinib had intracranial activity in this trial consistent with its known extracranial activity. Intracranial responses were rapid, high, and durable across all study arms,” said lead investigator Laura Q. Chow, MD, FRCPC.
“Data from 3 clinical trials with various enrollment criteria and that used different PARP inhibitors, 2 of which used a PARP inhibitor plus bevacizumab, led to the same conclusion of the need to expand the use of PARP inhibition in ovarian cancer to all patients. These trials show that the PARP inhibition era is here.”

It is estimated that 350 million people worldwide use biologics on a regular basis to treat their medical conditions. These therapies are incredibly innovative and have expanded the arsenal of effective treatment options for cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and other serious illnesses. However, the high costs of these therapies, although understandable, can create access issues for patients. That is why biosimilars are so important.

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