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Submit a Symptom Management Overview

Readers are invited to submit brief updates with practice insights on the care of a specific symptom or cluster of symptoms associated with a condition often seen in patients with cancer. The updates will be presented in the form of a “How I Treat” type of article.

The goal of this section is to present a quick background to enhance providers’ understanding of the symptoms associated with a specific condition, their characteristic presentation(s), and etiology. The emphasis should be on a concise description of available treatments and current course of therapy.

Each review should provide a brief description of the symptom(s) associated with a common condition in oncology, and its evidence-based management.

Symptom Management Overview Format

Text: The entire text must be provided as a double-spaced Word file. Cite any graphic elements (eg, tables, figures) consecutively in the text, but place actual tables/figures at the end of the article, below the references. Try to limit the length of the text to 1600 words (excluding references, tables, and figures). Describe the symptom(s), etiology, and treatment options (eg, dose(s), frequency, titration parameters). Include the course of therapy (ie, time to effect/symptom resolution, expected effects, special or target populations for specific therapies, side effects and their management, as appropriate).

Tables: 1-3

References: Minimum 5, maximum 15

Submit a Symptom Management Overview