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Submit a Symptom Management Overview

Readers are invited to submit brief updates with practice insights on the care of a specific symptom or cluster of symptoms associated with a condition often seen in patients with cancer. The updates will be presented in the form of a “How I Treat” type of article.

The goal of this section is to present a quick background to enhance providers’ understanding of the symptoms associated with a specific condition, their characteristic presentation(s), and etiology. The emphasis should be on a concise description of evidence-based treatments and current course of therapy.

Each review should provide a brief description of the symptom(s) associated with a common condition in oncology, and its evidence-based management. Please follow the article format described below. Articles should follow the instructions in the general Author Guidelines.

Symptom Management Overview Format


  • Describe the symptom(s) of the condition
  • Etiology
  • Treatment options: dose(s), frequency, titration parameters
  • Course of therapy: including time to effect/symptom resolution, expected effects, special or target populations for specific therapies, side effects and their management, as appropriate
  • Tables: minimum 1; maximum 3
  • References: minimum 5; maximum 30

Submit a Symptom Management Overview